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NaturalHealing 6.5 - Natural Healing features a large Afflictions database (275 entries) with related herbal, nutritional, and homeopathic remedies! Also includes: Tonics, Immune-system, Phytochemicals, Parasites, Disease Development, etc! For educational use only.
Size: 7.44 MB License: Shareware
Date: 03/13/2012 Downloads: 25
Natural Healing Introduction 2.6 - Natural Healing Introduction lists and describes alternative medicine therapies from Acupuncture and Aromatherapy to Herbal remedies, Meditation, and Yoga.
Size: 4.31 MB License: Freeware
Date: 02/01/2013 Downloads: 31
MP3 WAV Studio 6.98.121120 - MP3 WAV Studio is an all-in-one solution for burning, converting, ripping and playing of audio files. In addition, the program can also create, encode, decode and convert between MP3 and other formats. MP3 WAV Studio - MP3 Player and MP3 Converter.
Size: 11.88 MB License: Freeware
Date: 11/20/2012 Downloads: 31
Easy Sunday School Planner 8.0 - The Easy Sunday School Planner is a gift from RCL Software to all of the many teachers who take of their time to prepare and teach a Bible study. We thank the Lord for giving us a talent that may contribute to the feeding and saving of souls.
Size: 9.42 MB License: Freeware
Date: 01/01/2013 Downloads: 36
The ToolKit 7.0.1 - Tool Kit provides the means to keep a complete inventory of your hand tools and power tools. Simple and easy to use, it keeps up with all your tools including where you keep them, initial cost, current value, etc.
Size: 33.01 MB License: Shareware
Date: 12/19/2012 Downloads: 27
The Train Log 5.1.1 - Train Man Proprovides the means to keep an inventory of your entire model train collection including sets, locomotives and rolling stock. Simple and easy to use, it keeps up with all your train cars and complete sets providing informative reports.
Size: 32.30 MB License: Shareware
Date: 12/26/2012 Downloads: 30
The Pill Box 7.0.3 - Pill Box is for everyone who takes medication on a regular basis and who wants to keep a record of their medications and the doctors who prescribe them.
Size: 33.75 MB License: Shareware
Date: 12/21/2012 Downloads: 23
The Crop Log 4.2.2 - Crop Log is designed for use by the busy farmer and gardener who wants to maintain detailed records and a history of weather conditions, expenses, planting/seeding, fertilize and chemical applications.
Size: 34.21 MB License: Shareware
Date: 12/26/2012 Downloads: 41
Vehicle Fleet Manager 3.0.300 - Create maintenance schedule and track expenses about your vehicles. Keep track of vehicles data including repairs, tires purchase, fuel, etc. Free your mind with a Service Schedule. Get versatile reports and graphs. Export to MS Excel.
Size: 19.51 MB License: Shareware
Date: 11/01/2012 Downloads: 48
Vehicle Manager Fleet Network Edition 2.0.1146 - Vehicle Manager 2012 tracks your vehicle fleet maintenance, expenses, parts, vendors, contacts, service reminders, and more.
Size: 4.60 MB License: Shareware
Date: 12/16/2012 Downloads: 35
Vehicle Manager 2.0.1146 - Vehicle Manager 2012 tracks your vehicle maintenance, parts, vendors, contacts, service reminders, and more.
Size: 4.60 MB License: Shareware
Date: 12/16/2012 Downloads: 36
Carbon Footprint Calculator 2.1.1 - This software application can calculate your carbon footprint based on your lifestyle and daily activities. See what areas are causing the most CO2 so you can work to reduce your impact on the environment and lower your CFCs.
Size: 0.71 MB License: Freeware
Date: 07/24/2011 Downloads: 36
IRCommand2 4.06 - IRCommand2 is IR (infrared) and X10 remote control software for the PC that enables you to control virtually any device that comes with a remote control. IRCommand2 can also listen for and respond to IR and X10 commands from your remote controls.
Size: 2.19 MB License: Shareware
Date: 05/23/2012 Downloads: 38
Adaptive Home Logic - Adaptive Home Logic is an advanced, highly flexible, easy to use home automation / remote access application that can seamlessly coordinate and control home lighting, HVAC, security and home theatre systems from your Windows computer.
Size: 31.96 MB License: Shareware
Date: 01/17/2013 Downloads: 30
TreeDraw Viewer 4.0.3 - TreeDraw Viewer is a freeware utility for displaying and printing genealogy chart files created with TreeDraw V2 or later. It works with TreeDraw charts (.tdr files) created with TreeDraw Standard Edition or TreeDraw Legacy Edition.
Size: 3.62 MB License: Freeware
Date: 03/22/2012 Downloads: 39
Tax Assistant for Excel 5.0 - Tax Assistant for Excel is a custom application written for Microsoft Excel. It simplifies your Federal Income Tax preparation by providing Excel workbooks with IRS approved substitutes for both Form 1040, 1040A and related schedules
Size: 4.70 MB License: Shareware
Date: 01/28/2012 Downloads: 27
MyLife Smart Organizer Suite 5 user 9.7 - A comprehensive suite of over 60 Personal productivity progs for your Digital Lifestyle, covering most reqd programs to Document, Organize, Record, Picture, Account & link every aspect of your life. Automation helps users be productive & save time.
Size: MB License: Shareware
Date: 07/25/2009 Downloads: 44
Home Manager 2007 3.0.3018 - Home Manager 2012 provides features for tracking detailed information including home inventory, asset values, warranty information, repair and maintenance history, and an unlimited number of digital images for each item.
Size: 1.60 MB License: Shareware
Date: 2/22/2012 Downloads: 44
Homeopathy 5.3 - Homeopathy Software lists 433 homeopathic remedies and products (Materia Medica) by symptoms and by affliction. Also included: Cell Salts, Tongue Diagnostics, and Reference Charts for afflictions of the Eye, Heart, Nerves, Skin and Digestive System.
Size: 7.30 MB License: Shareware
Date: 01/01/2013 Downloads: 25
Household Register Plus 7.50 - Household Register 2010 helps you organize and manage a detailed list of everything you own. It's ideal for both home and office. The program automatically organizes each entry by category, location, and owner.
Size: 8.18 MB License: Freeware
Date: 08/13/2012 Downloads: 35
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