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Active ZDelete 7.1.5 - ZDelete Internet Eraser is a hard drive eraser utility. It permanently deletes selected files, folders, Internet caches, surfing histories, and cookies. ZDelete conforms to the US Department of Defense clearing and sanitizing standard DoD 5220.22-M.
Size: 15.80 MB License: Shareware
Date: 07/07/2011 Downloads: 24
Sothink Web Video Downloader for Firefox 6.7 - Web Video Downloader for Firefox is a free FLV video download tool. This video downloader can fast download YouTube videos and also download videos from other sites; always transfer latest video information without browsing all video sharing sites.
Size: 3.11 MB License: Freeware
Date: 01/05/2012 Downloads: 23
VPN Dialer 2012.05.22 - Maintain persistent, nailed up, permanent, automatic VPN connection using the built-in PPTP and L2TP/IPSec dial-up VPN facility included in Windows XP, Vista, and 7.
Size: 1.51 MB License: Commercial
Date: 05/22/2012 Downloads: 30
VIP Rumor RSS Reader 4.0.6 - VIP Rumor RSS Reader is a totally FREE news aggregator or feed reader that utilize web feed technology to retrieve syndicated web content like blogs, podcasts, videologs, and typical media websites , or a customized set of search results.
Size: 2.30 MB License: Freeware
Date: 02/04/2013 Downloads: 21
Website Puller 1.0.1 - Website Puller is a free website extractor that allows you to download everything from a website. You can extract everything or just selected items off a website, or just the images, archive files or text files. Grab websites for offline viewing
Size: 0.73 MB License: Freeware
Date: 12/04/2012 Downloads: 24
Avant Browser 2012 build 197 - Avant is a multi-processing browser featured with Private Browsing, Anti-Freezing, Low CPU Usage, No Memory Leak, Web Form Auto-Filler, Online Bookmarks, Mouse Gestures, AD/Popup Blocker, Full Screen/Desktop Mode, Flash Filter, RSS Reader...
Size: 3.73 MB License: Freeware
Date: 1/3/2013 Downloads: 18
My DVD Catalog 1.33 - My DVD Catalog is a simple dvd cataloger. Easily organize your DVDs by genre and rating. My DVD Catalogallows you to input DVD features and descriptions.
Size: 0.43 MB License: Freeware
Date: 12/12/2012 Downloads: 28
Web Translator 8.23 - Translate Web, Webpages, Websites, word, sentence and passage up to 53 languages as English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese, Hungarian, Danish, Dutch.
Size: 1.23 MB License: Shareware
Date: 05/25/2012 Downloads: 26
Magic Translator 8.23 - Magic Translator can translate word, sentence, passage and Webpages, Websites amidst 53 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese.
Size: 1.19 MB License: Shareware
Date: 05/18/2012 Downloads: 22
Web Data Extractor 8.3 - A powerful web data / link extractor utility. Extract URL, meta tag (title, desc, keyword), body text, email, phone, fax from web site, search results or list of URLs. High speed, multi-threaded, accurate extraction - directly saves data to disk file
Size: 6,17 MB License: Shareware
Date: 12/27/2011 Downloads: 26
RiverGate Rss Reader 4.0.4 - RiverGate Rss Reader is a FREE news aggregator or feed reader that uses web feed to retrieve syndicated web content such as weblogs, podcasts, vlogs, and mainstream media websites, or as a search aggregator, a customized set of search results.
Size: 1.83 MB License: Freeware
Date: 01/12/2013 Downloads: 31
NetSendFaker 1.3.1 - NetSendFaker allows you to send anonymous Net Send messages to anyone that is connected to the network. You can also emulate messages as if they were sent from other computer. The tool is designed with a user-friendly interface and is easy to use.
Size: 0.42 MB License: Freeware
Date: 01/31/2013 Downloads: 22
FreePortScanner 3.1 - Free Port Scanner is a small and fast port scanner for the Win32 platform. You can scan ports on fast machines in a few seconds and can perform scan on predefined port ranges.The tool is designed with a user-friendly interface and is easy to use.
Size: 0.60 MB License: Freeware
Date: 02/01/2013 Downloads: 21
NetInfo 8.1 - NetInfo is a collection of 15 different state-of-the-art network diagnostic tools on a single, easy-to-use interface that allows you to isolate faults, simplify processing of diagnostic data, and increase internal network security.
Size: 5.08 MB License: Shareware
Date: 02/10/2013 Downloads: 26
Active Whois Browser 3.3.1 - Active Whois returns important information on websites and IRC/Instant Message/chat nicknames or attacking hackers. Locate individuals or organizations with postal address including country for the domain or IP address holder, all with a single click!
Size: 1.12 MB License: Shareware
Date: 04/26/2012 Downloads: 31
Net Time Server & Client - The time synchronization application synchronize your PC's system clock or all PC's system clock in your LAN using. The Time and SNTP time protocols are supported. It can work as SNTP server or client. It can work as a NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista service.
Size: 1.73 MB License: Shareware
Date: 04/29/2012 Downloads: 27
Internet Usage Monitor 8 - Monitors the time spent on the internet and calculates the cost according to the local telephone charges as specified by the user.It automatically becomes active when you log on to the internet
Size: 1.01 MB License: Freeware
Date: 03/23/2004 Downloads: 25
Chronos Atomic Clock Synchronizer 4.7.1 - Chronos Atomic Clock Synchronizer is a utility for people who need their computers to use exact time. The program connects to various atomic clock timeservers and synchronizes your internal clock with time provided by theseservers.
Size: 1.21 MB License: Freeware
Date: 01/24/2013 Downloads: 24
Atomic Clock Sync - This freeware utility helps you configure Windows to optimize how often it references an atomic clock server to keep your local computer up-to-date with the exact current time. Provided free by, home of accurate times worldwide.
Size: 0.87 MB License: Freeware
Date: 09/25/2012 Downloads: 26
Absolute Time Server 7.13.900 - ATS is a full-featured time server, which works as windows service and is fully RFC-868 and RFC-2030 compatible. Absolute Time Server acts as a background process, has very low system resources consumption, and it can be started before user logon.
Size: 3.41 MB License: Shareware
Date: 01/13/2013 Downloads: 25
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