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  Size : 4.00 MB
    Publisher : PGWARE LLC | Other programs by this author
  License type : Shareware  
    Price : $14.99
  Last update :
February 11, 2013
New Release
    OS : Win2000, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinServer, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP    
  Requirements : Pentium 90+ Mhz or Compatible  
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Description (English) :

PCBoost allows you to run programs such as games, video production, photo editing software and any software that requires excessive processing power to run much faster than the software was originally designed for. With little to no effort you can instantly force programs and games to run faster on your computer without having to purchase new hardware. Most programs are designed to use a minimal amount of CPU (processor) power which often leads to the CPU being idle and not used to its fullest potential, with PCBoost your computer is able to take advantage of this by allocating more CPU power to the currently active application. PCBoost constantly monitors which application is running as the foreground and active program; it then tells the CPU to give this application priority over all other applications. This direct instruction to the CPU forces the application to get more attention and quickly finish any tasks that are required as soon as possible. If you switch to another program or game PCBoost instantly notices this change and instructs the CPU to set the old application to a normal priority and the newly active and foreground application to a higher priority. This approach allows the current and active program to always use the most CPU power as possible. PCBoost also takes advantage of multi-core processors found in most computers today. Generally the more CPU cores you have the faster your computer will operate, however most applications are not written to take advantage of multi-core processors. When a multi-core processor is detected PCBoost instantly instructs the foreground application to run on a CPU core that is being used the least. For instance if your computer has two CPU cores and core one is at 75% and core two is at 25%, then PCBoost will make sure the application will run on core two. This feature allows applications to always have the most processing power available and instantly makes your computer run faster.

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